Don’t Ask, Give.

Your Self Permission to Get Your Big Break!

We will help you find your authentic self, unique gifts, and purpose so you may contribute to the world’s highest good.

Give back to yourself by:

Not being too busy.
Not being scared.
Not being insecure.
Not feeling you don’t have anything to offer.
Not thinking you’ll fail.

On a personal note…

Dr. Cheryl White earned her Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership, and Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University and is a Certified Mediator–community advocate, and recognized leader in the field of conflict resolution.

Cheryl has helped countless men and women survive and thrive in their personal, social, and spiritual battles, and even during and after divorce.

She offers both face-to-face and online dispute resolution for, divorce coaching and mediation sessions; mediation form preparation; 1-1 coaching on love, relationship, and career development; and speaking engagements. Cheryl is more than a supportive ear; she is a credentialed expert.

Cheryl knows by using mediation instead of family law attorneys, you can save tremendously and still acquire the logistical and financial guidance needed to complete your divorce negotiations. Plus, relieving yourself of stress as you move towards an equitable agreement.

Moreover, she and her colleagues will help you with your life-changing moments as you move towards a holistic healthier lifestyle. Removing your bondages, barriers, anger, hurt, pain, and uncertainty. She will empower you and remove you from your past towards happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Cheryl understands leaning on friends and family may help but moving forward requires a complete transformation to improve the quality of life.

Rethink Success

Start to think about what you want. Cheryl will help you feel better about everything, and how you are going to make it. Coaching helps you translate ideas, methods, and the things you need to better your life, however Cheryl a great communicator will help you with the right approach to complex situations. More importantly, she has great ideas to empower you in finding your inner-truth, and tackling problems in life and business. After working with me, you will live a more fulfilled life.

If  You are ready to work with a coach to start experiencing positive life-changings … I would love to hear from you! I offer both individual and group coaching services.