“2020 Say YES to Me Time”

How do you unplug, unwind, and find the best version of you? Moreover, how do you figure out how to maximize your time without procrastinating? I believe that in 2020 it is important that we get ourselves into gear, by figuring out how to be effectively productive with our daily tasks or challenges, as well as having a “Me-time”. To be efficient, productive, or passionate in your professional or personal life, “Me-time” is essential. This is an add-on to our lives, as it helps with handling all the hassles of life, finding time every day to relax and recharge, and helps us make the most of the time we have all to ourselves. “Me time” matters when it comes to being happy. Conversely, “Me time” facilitates rebooting our brain to help us unwind, improve concentration, make productive decisions, have self-discovery, problem solve, enhance relationships, and conduct deep thinking.

As a result, “Me time” is a form of self-care that will allow individuals to remove distractions from their life, especially as there’s always something to do or someone else’s needs to fulfill. Admittedly, putting your need first is difficult, because we are taught to take care of everyone else and not to be selfish. In this vein, we must relearn how to love our self, and remove the stressors, fatigue, frustration, and crankiness from our lives. No matter what your situation is, 2020 is the perfect opportunity to give yourself some time to rest and refuel. If you, like me, spend a lot of time trying to find the time to succeed in your personal or career-based goals, without recognizing the need to de-stress and relax, I recommend that you must begin learning how to address the demand on your time, by taking “Me time” that can increase your productivity.

Hence, focusing more on your goals and achievements, self-image, getting involved with more solid networking, restoring your energy, and having a team of accountability buddies, coaches and friends that you can lean on to help you de-stress (or remind you not to sweat the small stuff) as part of your new vision and “Me time” is a necessity. “Me time” does not have to be any clear meaning. It is based on what individuals’ needs are. Second, “Me-time” does not have to stop you from caring about others, rather it meets God’s guidelines of love: God first, then YOURSELF, then others.

It is with this perspective that I reflect on the importance of “Me time,” as vital for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. “Me time” is often the first thing we throw out the window when we’re stretched for time. So remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you need “Me time” as it helps you take care of yourself for a little while, away from the madness that is life, and helps you claim some quality time with you, yourself, and your thoughts, while you are busy taking care of others.